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About Us

About Our Company

Our History

Farfan and Mendes first began business in Guyana in 1960, as a subsidiary of a Trinidadian company, F.T. Farfan and Sons Ltd., servicing the sawmilling industry. The Mendes family joined forces with FT Farfan and incorporated as Farfan and Mendes Ltd in July 1967. In 1967, Farfan and Mendes Limited helped to introduce and pioneer the use of chain saws in Guyana through a UNDP training programme. In the 1980s, we reintroduced the STIHL range of chain saws, which went on to acquire the major share of the chain saw market. Over the years the company evolved into a reliable supplier of industrial equipment, including machinery for the timber, wood-working and the agricultural industries, as well as chemical fogging equipment and power tools. In 2007, Farfan & Mendes became a wholly owned Guyanese company through the acquisition of full shares by the Mendes family.

As a growth-oriented company, we responded to market changes in 2018 through a joint venture, Panthera Solutions Inc. with Canadian company, Crosbie to service the oil and gas sector. In 2020, we advanced our partnerships with Crosbie through an asset purchase agreement, maintaining majority shares and rebranded as 2020 FMCG Inc. In 2021, we partnered with Soventix Caribbean and incorporated Soventix Guyana Inc. to expand our solar energy portfolio.

Today we are an industrial equipment distribution and services company that supports agriculture, forestry, renewable energy, oil and gas, and mining industries with minority shareholdings in Ibis Construction Equipment Sales and Rentals Inc.


Our Corporate Foundation

Our company’s foundational elements are our guiding light – it’s what we can turn to each day in order to ensure we are on the right track and what we can trust in when hit with difficult situations. However, they are not meant to be cast in stone. We recognize the need to change as the market changes and as new policies and phenomena threatens our survival.


Inspiring innovation for a brighter future


Build capacity of our people to foster customer focused solutions for sustainable growth.

Core Values

FMCG aims to foster a culture of innovation through encouraging customer-oriented solutions within our teams and developing mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. This culture is built on our core values that guide the execution of our work.

  • Protecting People & the Environment
  • Providing Local Solutions
  • Focusing on Clients
  • Exhibiting Integrity, Professionalism and Honesty


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