Michelin & BF Goodrich Tyres- products to let you play hard and work harder. Farfan & Mendes has a long history of working with world class brands and Michelin lives up to their reputation with innovative products to get you to where you need to be, safely and with confidence every time you turn the key.

Installation and Balancing

Our expert technicians can perform installation on all tyres all the way up to earthmover tyres. A balanced tyre will stop vibration and give you a more stable and safer ride with less wear and tear.

Tyre Repairs

We perform permanent repairs to GNBS standards. Here at Farfan and Mendes we perform nail hole repair, crown repair and sidewall repair.

Tyre Tracking Management Software

Provides fleet managers with analysis on tyre performance and wear rates while optimising the efficiency of their fleet.

Light Truck and Commercial Transport Truck Alignment

Farfan and Mendes is the only provider of laser alignment on light trucks and commercial vehicles.

Light Truck Tyres

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All work and all play are exactly what our light truck tyres from BF Goodrich are built for. On the highway or off-road, our light truck tyres keep you moving with all-purpose traction and safe long-lasting performance.

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Commercial Transport Truck Tyres

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To succeed in today's business world, you have to keep moving, that means you need tyres you can trust to get the job done. Michelin tyres are designed specifically for customers on the go, so you can efficiently grow your business.

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Industrial, Construction and Mining Tyres

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Identify the right tyres for mining, construction, industrial and everything in between. From standard to aggressive conditions, our Michelin tyres have the pedigree to get the job done.

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